Esthetic Mucogingival Surgery

Esthetic Mucogingival Surgery sustained by Prof. Dr. GIOVANNI ZUCCHELLI


Limited number of participants: 20

MODULE I – Esthetic mucogingival surgery around teeth
Conference & Live-OP
February 24 – 25, 2020

The topics and techniques taught

• Gingival recession: diagnosis
• Diagnosis and prognosis of root coverage
• Predetermination of root coverage
• Combined restorative-periodontal treatment for the aesthetic goal
• Surgical treatment of single type recession defect
– Coronally advanced flap
– Connective tissue graft harvesting techniques
– Bilaminar techniques
• Video of all surgical procedures
• Surgical treatment of multiple recession defect in the upper jaw
– Coronally advanced flap
– Bilaminar techniques
• Surgical treatment of multiple recession defect in the lower jaw
– Coronally advanced flap
– Bilaminar techniques

• Treatment of cervical abrasion defects associated with gingival recession: selection of the most appropriate treatment approach
• The use of emdogain in mucogingival surgery
• The use of substitutes of the connective tissue graft in mucogingival surgery

Live Surgery

MODULE II – Mucogingival esthetic surgery around implants
Conference & Live-OP
13-14 July 2020

The topics and techniques taught:

• Biology of Bone: alveolar vs bundle
• Keratinized tissue height and soft tissue thickness in the prevention of gingival recession
• Treatment of gingival recessions around implants
• Coverage of soft tissue dehiscence/dis-alignment around implants
• Increase of keratinized tissue height before and after implant installation
• Increase in soft tissue thickness during implant installation
• The “sugmarginal connective tissue graft technique”
• Mucogingival approach to immediate post extraction implant placement and loading
• Soft tissue augmentation procedure before implant installation or prosthetic rehabilitation
• Horizontal soft tissue-augmentation
• Vertical and horizontal soft tissue augmentation
• Implant placement after soft tissue augmentation surgical procedures

• Videos of all surgical procedures

Live Surgery

The cost of participation for each module is 1.500 Euro + TVA = 1.785 Euro

For more info & registration pls contact: Mrs. Ana Grosu: +40 752180824 /

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