Periodontal and Implant Maintenance: Therapy & Strategy

Periodontal and Implant Maintenance: Therapy & Strategy

sustained by  Bernita Bush Gissler RDH, BS, Bern, Switzerland.

October 23-24, 2020

2 days  – Conference & Hands-ons

October 23, 2020 – Conference

October 24, 2020 – Hands-on

Limited number of participants

A course of Excellence designed as all to broaden and deepen their knowledge of non-surgical periodontal therapy.

The goal is to give You – the participant more insight in treating patients with untreated periodontal diseases and those post-therapy patients in a controlled maintenance program in an office or clinical setting.

Topics of the course

  • Periodontal clinical assessment und diagnostic tools
  • Therapy planning
  • Periodontal Treatment concepts: deep residual pockets and adjunct therapy.
  • SPT Supportive Periodontal Therapy: What are our options?
  • Non- Surgical treatment of peri-implant infections: What are our options in 2020
  • Ultrasonic and Airflow: what’s new and evidence based?
  • Recognizing oral lesions and changes in oral tissues
  • Dealing with our elderly patients: Clinical considerations (Gerodontology)
  • High risk caries group: from identification to treatment strategies
  • Errosion prophylaxis: an update, Dentin Hypersensibility
  • Hand instrumentation techniques with scalers, curettes and special instruments.
  • Embelish already learned techniques and learn new techiques and instruments.
  • The combination of ultrasonic and/or Airflow® equipment can be used in the appropriate treatment phase.
  • How, when, where and why ultrasonics.
  • What are the options
  • Participants will be provided with State-of -the Art and up to date evidence based techniques.

Course language – English

Daily schedule: 09:00 – 18:00

Location – Bucharest

For more info & registration pls contact: Mrs. Ana Grosu: 0752.180.824 /

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