EndodonticS – Vol. 3

Volume III CHAPTER 28 – ENDODONTIC-PERIODONTIC INTERRELATIONSHIP Endodontic-Periodontal Communications Apical foramen Lateral canals Dentinal tubules Etiologic classification of the Endodontic and Periodontal diseases of the attachment apparatus 1. Primary endodontic lesion 2. Primary endodontic lesion with secondary periodontal involvement 3. Primary periodontal lesion 4. Primary periodontal lesion with secondary endodontic involvement 5. Coexisting primary endodontic…

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EndodonticS – Vol. 2

Volume II CHAPTER 13 – ENDODONTIC INSTRUMENTS Brief History Standardization of Endodontic Instruments Hand Instruments with a Conventional. 02 Taper Files Reamers Hedstroem Files Barbed Broach Hand Instruments with Greater Taper Profiles. 04 Hand Files Hand GT Files Micro-Openers Steel Rotary Instruments Gates-Glidden Drills Largo Drills LA Axxess Burs Endo-Eze A. E. T. Files Mechanical…

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EndodonticS – Vol. 1

VOLUME I   CHAPTER 1 – A BRIEF HISTORY OF ENDODONTICS CHAPTER 2 – EMBRYOLOGY Crown formation Root formation Single- and multiple-root formation The formation of lateral canals Exposed dentin and enamel pearls Function and fate of dental lamina CHAPTER 3 – DEFINITION, SCOPE, AND INDICATIONS FOR ENDODONTIC THERAPY Basic phases of endodontic therapy Indications…

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